Leading businesses can show their support for our work and demonstrate their commitment to fighting corruption by joining our Business Integrity Forum.

The Business Integrity Forum (BIF), is a group of corporate supporters committed to the fight against corruption.  The BIF was established in the late 1990s and, since the introduction of the UK Bribery Act and subsequent increase in anti-bribery enforcement, has grown into a lively forum.

Joining the BIF allows companies to:

  • Demonstrate commitment and leadership within their industry
  • Reinforce anti-corruption messaging to staff
  • Learn from TI experts and colleagues in other companies on trends in corruption and ABC best practice
  • Gain insight into TI’s policy positions and submissions to government

We hold bi-annual anti-corruption conferences each year, with experts from in-house compliance, legal, risk and external/public relations professionals in attendance.  In addition to these meetings, TI-UK organises regular roundtables on current anti-corruption developments to keep members up-to-date on the latest thinking.

TI-UK regularly invites BIF members to help inform our view of anti-corruption best practice and our advocacy on related policy areas by joining working groups and advisory committees.

Levels of membership

We operate two levels of membership:

  • Standard membership
  • Premium membership

Premium members have the opportunity to take part in our Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark, an online benchmarking tool that measures and compares the performance of corporate anti-bribery and corruption programmes. As part of the Benchmark, we run quarterly workshops covering key bribery and corruption risk areas to allow participants to come together to share best practice.

For Premium members that choose not to participate in the Benchmark, we can provide a package of alternative benefits to be agreed on an individual basis.

Learn more

If you are interested in hearing more, we would be happy to discuss the opportunities for your company to join our Forum.

Our membership principles and joining procedures can be viewed here. For more information please contact businessintegrity@transparency.org.uk.