Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index 2013

The Defence and Security Programme of Transparency International UK has been working with governments defence companies, armed forces, civil society and policy-makers to improve anticorruption standards in the defence sector since 2004. Our objective is to ensure that strong, effective mechanisms are in place in governments and companies to prevent corruption in defence, and to empower civil society to demand transparency and accountability in this sector.

Corruption in defence is a vital issue for many nations and for global security. It is dangerous it is divisive, and it is wasteful.


This is a brand new tool and is the result of a major two-year study. This Index provides governments and citizens with information on how their defence ministries and armed forces compare to others in tackling defence corruption. It measures the degree of corruption risk and vulnerability in government defence establishments – the defence ministry the armed forces, and other government institutions in that country (such as auditing institutions) that may influence levels of corruption risk in the sector. It forms a basis for reform for concerned governments, and serves as a tool to identify where to concentrate efforts.

As a part of this Index 82 countries across the globe were subject to expert, independent assessment. These countries accounted for 94 per cent of global military expenditure in 2011 (USD 1.6 trillion).

The full results along with more detailed information on the index can also be found on the Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index website.


Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index 2013

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