Press release 09th Aug 2016

Honours list: Clean up politics to restore public trust

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9th August 2016, London – The latest honours “resignation” list has led to concerns over its potential to further undermine public confidence in UK politics.

Rachel Davies, Head of Advocacy and Research TI-UK, said:

 “TI-UK research has consistently found that the UK public are mistrustful of elected representatives and public officials, which should be a major cause of concern for the strength of British democracy.

 “Whilst the UK has pledged to play a leading role in tackling corruption abroad, it must also ensure its own house is in order, otherwise such efforts can more easily be dismissed. UK politics has witnessed a steady stream of political scandals in recent years, therefore government and parliament must work together to combat the prevalence of corruption in the political system.”

 “Political appointments must be free from any agenda that suggests undue influence being yielded for private gain, including personal relationships and financial donations.”