Members have a formal role in the governance of TI-UK, being entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote in elections to the Board of Directors. There are currently around 150 Members.


  • Apply to become a Member by completing an application form and sending TI-UK a biography or CV.
  • Are required to confirm in writing (on the application form) that they agree to uphold the Vision Values and Guiding Principles for Transparency International.
  • Have their application reviewed and approved by TI-UK’s Board of Trustees’ membership committee. Please note that applications can take up to 5 weeks to be processed.
  • Will be contacted with details of payment once TI-UK has approved the application. Members must make a minimum donation of £40 a year in order to keep their Membership current.

If you would like to become a Member please send your completed application form and CV or biography to