Press release 30th Aug 2016

TI-UK announcement: Duncan Hames appointed Director of Policy

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Former MP “thrilled to join fight against corruption”

30th August 2016, London - Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is delighted to announce the appointment of Duncan Hames as Director of Policy.

As Director of Policy, Duncan will be taking on a new role that recognises the UK’s policy and political relevance to the global fight against corruption. He will take a strategic lead on UK focused work, building on TI-UK’s efforts to end the UK’s status as a “safe haven” for corrupt money, address corruption in the political sphere, as well as navigate new areas of work.

He joins TI-UK after working on information security with Templar Executives, following 5 years as a Member of Parliament. He also serves on the board of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, where he chairs their audit committee.

Duncan Hames, TI-UK Director of Policy, said:

“I am delighted to be joining TI-UK. All around the world people are asking why the way things are run doesn’t work for them. As abuses of entrusted power are exposed both here and overseas, more and more people are realising how corruption is often at the heart of this problem. Having worked as an MP I have seen the damage corruption can cause to confidence in public institutions. I’m thrilled to be joining the fight against corruption and look forward to working with everyone willing to take action to prevent it.”

Robert Barrington, TI-UK Executive Director, said:

“Corruption in the UK takes many forms, and is deeply corrosive of democracy, society and public trust in politics. The whole team warmly welcomes Duncan to TI-UK and looks forward to using his expertise, knowledge and skills to strengthen our work.”



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