Press release 08th Sep 2016

TI-UK calls on Government to renew commitment to fighting corruption

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 London, 8th September 2016 - Speaking at the Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime, Robert Barrington, Executive Director, Transparency International UK said:

“Post-referendum, with political and economic uncertainty added to existing threats on issues like security, corrupt capital flows and organised crime, the corruption risk is rising for the UK.  Simple mitigation measures, put in place now, can help to head off problems that would end up undermining our society, our democracy and our economy.  For that we need transparency and an effective Anti-Corruption Champion.”

“A strong appointment with a brief to provide a world class strategy, perhaps coupled with an independent accountability mechanism, would show that the Prime Minister is living up to what she has been saying. At Transparency International, we await with great interest the new government’s decisions on these key areas.” Read the full transcript of the speech here.

Speaking earlier at the Symposium the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC MP, outlined the Government’s intention to follow through on the commitments made at the London Anti-Corruption Summit last May. This was underlined by comments in the House yesterday by the Prime Minister affirming the G20’s dedication to continue the work from the Summit.

On Monday 12th September TI-UK will launch an online tool to track the progress of the 15 specific pledges made by the UK at the Anti-Corruption Summit.


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