Press release 15th Sep 2016

UN report recognises importance of transparency in healthcare access

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London, 15th September 2016 – Transparency International Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Programme (TI-PHP) welcomes the publication of a new report from the UN that views transparency in healthcare “as a core component” in improving the global access to medicines.

The UN report of the Secretary-Generals High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines places emphasis on governance, accountability and transparency to guarantee that medical products are affordable and that all stakeholders, including governments and private companies, are ensuring access to healthcare is available to all in need.

Sophie Peresson, Director Transparency International Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Programme, said:

"This report acknowledges the weaknesses of the medical research system to develop the products to address medical needs of communities across the globe to make sure no one is left behind. It also rightly confirms that good governance, accountability and transparency are vital in making sure medical products are developed to meet health needs."

“We call on the UN Secretary-General, governments and industry to swiftly implement these important recommendations."


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