Press release 30th Nov 2015

TI-UK very concerned by British American Tobacco Allegations

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Transparency International UK expresses serious concern, following a BBC investigation into allegations of bribery against British American Tobacco in East Africa.

Robert Barrington, TI-UK Executive Director said:

“These are extremely serious allegations such that they merit a thorough investigation.  If this kind of bribery has really taken place, a prosecution would be both inevitable and necessary.”

“It is particularly disturbing given the potential impact on human health, and that would need to be reflected in any punishment resulting from possible prosecution.  In these circumstances, a company needs to be able to prove that it has not been complicit; but if it has been, there must be no impunity for senior managers involved.”

“Meanwhile, the company needs to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies, be prepared to admit to any wrongdoing and ensure that there is a high degree of transparency about any action it needs to take to clean up its act.”




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